Growing up, there's always that ONE field trip that the whole class looks forward to. Maybe it was the zoo or maybe it was a fire station. It seems everyone has that ONE memorable time outside of the classroom exploring something new!

When I was a kid, my class took an annual trip to a local pumpkin patch in Nampa and it was always the highlight of the year. I mean-- what kid doesn't love getting to explore an ENTIRE pumpkin patch and pick their own pumpkin to take home. It was always an experience--not a task.

Still open in Nampa and now "officially" open for the pumpkin patch season, Wissel Farms near Lake Lowell in Nampa has announced that pumpkins are ready to be taken home!  Locally owned and operated, they'll have pumpkins already picked for purchase on location or the option to head out to the patch and choose your own-- hayrides are free and all a part of the Wissel Farms experience. Date night? Family night? I'd say this fits the mold for some great weekend plans.

The farm is located at: 11085 Lake Lowell Ave, in Nampa, Idaho.
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