It's that time of the year again--snow, slush, ice, and COLD! We suppose you could just call it winter, but here in the Treasure Valley it seems like we get very distinct phases of all of this. All it takes is a little bit of snow to make the roads an icy disaster overnight. A lot of snow and we're stuck with dirty, grey slush for weeks, inversions are activated and local school kids anxiously await snow closures.

With all things "winter" on their way, we have to give major props to the City of Nampa for once again being creative--and capitalizing on a fun opportunity.

Look, there's nothing fun about plowing snow. We appreciate it, it's necessary--but who thinks about this on a daily basis?

Thanks to the City of Nampa, there are some new "winter mascots" that will be plowing the streets this winter and we're totally here for it.

In an effort to bring appreciation to Nampa's snow plows and streets division workers, students from Nampa's public and private schools were given a chance to actually NAME each snow plow that will be on the streets keeping us safe!  The names? Totally funny and adorable. This is going to add so much character and fun to the winter season and it's all thanks to local students.

Here were the results--Kindergarten wins our favorite:

Plowy McPlowface – Kindergarten

Lightning Mclean - First Grade

Frosty the Snowplow – Second Grade

Baby Snowda – Third Grade

Darth Blader – Fourth Grade

Fast and Flurryous – Fifth Grade

Which is your favorite? 

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