It's an outcome that I think everyone can enjoy: a NASA astronaut will be coming to Middleton on Tuesday to speak after an offer he made several months ago.

The controversy took off in a matter of hours and I'm sure you recall it. A group of teachers from the Middleton School District dressed up as a "Make America Great Again" border wall and it was posted to the school district's Facebook page. The rest is history. The story blew up, getting national attention from every news outlet and publication imaginable. While the social media driven "wildfire" was just starting, folks from all over the country were taking "sides" of the argument with the context of the photo totally a mystery. What drove me crazy the most, was how quick EVERYONE was to jump to hate and conclusion. Certainly the photo was less than ideal and it seems everyone agreed on that--but nobody wanted to wait for context. That night on the air I was taking calls from parents who had students IN THE CLASSROOMS of some pictured teachers--all of whom said "my son/daughter really enjoys them and I hope this can get resolved".

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