If you're like me and you love a great burrito-- today is your day! Its National Burrito Day and I apologize for not informing you sooner. I am just finding out myself and I'm beyond frustrated.

Growing up with an abuela that would make homemade tortillas and refried beans for me on the regular--there's no comparing to THOSE burritos. However, Boise is blessed to have some pretty great spots to get a seriously good burrito.

Below are a list of my very favorite places right here in the Treasure Valley to grab a burrito.

  • 1

    Los Betos

    Everyones favorite late night Mexican food stop serves some pretty awesome burritos. I suggest trying the Idaho Burrito if you haven't already-- it has fries in it!

  • 2


    A chain restaurant? Yes. But they're still allowed to have some awesome food. Ask for any burrito extra spicy and you won't regret it.

  • 3

    Emelda's Caffee Casa

    Located in Caldwell and owned/operated by a family themselves--this place is no joke. They've got a burrito (with homemade tortillas made in house) for everyone. Tell them I sent ya!

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