Delicious chocolate pralines

It only makes sense that National Dessert Day would land within the season of treats. Whether it be trick-or-treat candy that begins to make its way out early or all of the baked goods, like pumpkin bread, that start to be "in-season", ALL of it sounds good today.

Ever since I was a kid, dessert has been my favorite meal. Chocolate is by far one of my greatest weaknesses and if you know anything about me--SWEETS is the quickest way to my heart.  That lead me to think, however--if it's National Dessert Day, where's the best place to grab some dessert here in the Treasure Valley?

Perhaps The STIL downtown with their homemade ice cream? Then again--have you ever tried the deserts at The Melting Pot sure to be a taste of heaven every time? Maybe you're more of a cotton candy fan--Barbacoa serve some great stuff.

I need your feedback. Where do YOU go in town for the best dessert?

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