Ancestry and genetics are pretty fascinating when you think about it. After all, for all you know--your ancestors could have been royalty, inventors, political icons, and more. I think everyone should explore that and understand their roots to their fullest extent--it just seems like a basic way to be more self-aware. Even when it comes to health and knowing what may or may not run in your family--you can work towards being the healthiest you possible, just by doing some research.

It's National DNA Day and just yesterday I wrote about various at-home DNA testing kits that are totally the "buzz worthy" thing right now. It wasn't until tonight that the crazy cat dad that I am, learned about DNA kits...FOR YOUR CATS.

These tests can break down disease traits, physical traits, and more--all about your cat! Talk about being a responsible, in the know, cat owner. Some fur (always easy to get) and a quick cheek swab is all you need to send back to Basepaws, the company behind the kit.

To learn more, click HERE.

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