We have a little more motivation this week in the Magic Valley to get over hump day. How do free french fries sound on Wednesday, July 13?

National French Fry Day is celebrated annually on July 13 in the United States. It's the day that you can enjoy free orders in varying sizes offered up at select fast-food chains. There are numerous McDonald's locations in southern Idaho, and some will be offering free orders with no purchase necessary as long as you order them with the app.

Wendy's has also launched National Fry Week, and now through July 15 are also giving away free orders of tasty fries through the mobile app as well, according to delish.com. They have daily deals this week that include the salty freebies.

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I've always leaned more towards Wendy's fries than any other fast-food chain. I find the thicker fries to be more to my liking, although McDonald's french fries are still fantastic. This offer works well for parents that may want to swing through the drive-thru of McDonald's for a Thor: Love & Thunder Happy Meal and split the free order with the little ones.

Whichever chain you prefer for America's favorite fast-food side, you can't go wrong on Wednesday when the drive-thru attendant hands you that extra bag of fries on the house. If you bring them back to the office, make sure to rub in the fact you got them free to the rest of your co-workers.

Have a great National French Fry Day!

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