Sing it with us everybody...

Five. Five dollar. Five. Dollar. FOOTLONG!

Remember the legendary jingle that went along with the legendary sandwiches? There was a cult following for these things and for years, you could pull up to a Subway and get a foot long sandwich for jus $5.

Then, of course, there was the legendary icon or 'mascot' if you will. A guy named Jared claimed to have lost a ton of weight by eating Subway sandwiches. Want to get thousands of Americans hopped up on something? Just tell them that it will make them lose weight.

Child sex tourism and child porn eventually resulted in the end of Jared's relevancy.

It seems that Subway just doesn't have the popularity that it once did however there are still plenty of locations here in the Treasure Valley and all across Idaho. Do people still love Subway sandwiches? Apparently enough to keep so many spots open.

Will people sill love Subway after their big shift? We'll see...

If there is one thing that we know for sure, it's that people really value comfort--they want what they know, they want what they like, and change is terrifying. Is this a first world problem? Absolutely. Just announced this week, however, is Subway's shift to CANCEL Coca-Cola.

Coke or Pepsi? Can you taste a difference? According to Subway, the decision has been made to accomidate to their key demographics. Allegedly, they want Pepsi.

Who would have thought that a change in soft drink could get so many folks worked up?

Expect the change to take place on January 1st of 2025.

We love ya, Subway, but here's a look at some local and far better sammies in town! 

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