As someone who eats at Subway at least 3-4 times a week, I don't think I've ever been so excited for a national food day!

Friday, November 3rd is National Sandwich Day!  (I know this from reading the door at the Apple Street Subway that I frequent those 3-4 times a week.) To celebrate Subway is offering anyone who buys a sub and a drink a FREE sub of equal or lesser value!

That means when you go in and order your typical oven roasted chicken on Italian herbs and cheese with provolone, ranch and guac and a 30 oz. Powerade, you get a second sandwich to share with a friend! (Ok, it doesn't have to be that exact combination.  That's my order and the sandwich artists look at me strange every time I tell them that they don't have to put any veggies on my sandwich. If my sandwich sounds gross to you, you can order ANY sandwich and ANY 30 oz. drink to get the National Sandwich Day deal!)

Plus, they'll donate a meal as part of their "The Good Deed Feed."  When you by a sub on National Sandwich Day, Subway will donate a meal to Feeding America.  They're hoping to make a difference by donating over 11 million meals to the cause!

Subway on Broadway Closes

Pro tip when you go looking for your sandwich.  If your go to location was the one at 1120 Broadway Avenue near Boise State, don't go there expecting to get a sandwich.  The location closed without warning a few weeks ago.

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