I'm hoping that I am not going to jinx myself by saying this, but it's the honest truth: tequila has never wronged me.

If you've ever had to deal with me out on the town before, you know that tequila is my one and only go-to. As I've become THAT guy, I've also quickly learned that people either love that or hate that. There's never a "ehhh, ok I'll have a shot of tequila". It's always a "OMG YES!" or a "NO. WAY." when I offer to pick up a round. That said, my love for this nectar of the gods in undeniable!

I usually miss these "national days" so I'm getting out ahead of this one, since it is one of the most important of the whole entire year, right?

But in order to celebrate, I'm wondering where you love to enjoy some tequila or even better--WHICH tequila you would recommend?  Patron is nice...but it's a given. Don Julio 1942? I've got a bottle of that at home for celebratory drinks, only.

If you're a tequila head like myself, maybe you can point out a new choice for me!

By the way, Amsterdam Lounge is offering tequila specials all day on Wednesday-- you can see more on that, HERE.


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