Literally every single basketball star--past and present--was just hours away from Boise over the weekend. The star studded guest list in Salt Lake City didn't stop there, either--it was a music lover's dream, with every major name in pop and hip hop music seemingly in town as well. It was all for the NBA All-Star Game which hadn't been hosted by the Utah Jazz in over 20 years.

Despite the fact that the festivities were non-stop, all weekend long, some of the stars that are used to the likes of Las Vegas, Miami, and Hollywood weren't so impressed with Utah.

Everyone has heard of Post Malone, but did you know that he actually calls Salt Lake City, Utah, home? 

Post Malone's Favorite Restaurants Are Just Hours From Boise

If you're looking to dine like a King-- or at least, like Post Malone, here are THREE of his favorite restaurants that any Boise resident--or Idahoan for that matter, could get to in just a few hours.

Who knows, you might actually run into Post Malone himself!

Shaq might have been ordering room service all weekend but Posty knows what's up! 

So what was everyone's problem with Utah? Well, apparently it's a very nice place BUT--there's nothing to do. Check out this moment from the NBA All-Star festivities hosted by Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley, below:



All going to heaven--but it's real boring on the way. Could this be true!? We think Shaq was being a little bit dramatic because we love Utah!

There were a lot of events and parties in Salt Lake City over the weekend, despite the fact that some said it was a boring place to be! 

Inside Utah's NBA All-Star Weekend

There's going to be something for literally everyone in Salt Lake City this weekend!

Inside a Utah Polygamist Bed & Breakfast

We bet you've never seen anything like this before!

Utah Political Candidate Leaves Internet in Awe

Did she go there? Yes, yes she did. We really can't believe we're sharing this but an elderly political candidate just hours from Boise, in Utah's District 12, dropped a rap music video announcing her candidacy.

Take a look as we break down the music video & check out the video for yourself, below!

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