Remember the good ol' days before the Pandemic when you could get on a plane and go wherever you wanted in the world on a whim? I'm sure it will be something that will be included in future history books... hahaha... NO but really back before COVID -19 wrecked our world I would fly a lot!. I flew so much that I earned companion pass on Southwest airlines for 3 years in a row. Flying was exciting in itself but going through security was always entertaining especially when TSA would catch people trying to sneak stuff on their person or in their carry on luggage. I always thought that has to be an exciting job, everyday it's a different adventure. If you've thought the same, I've got good news. TSA is hiring 30 positions at Boise Airport (BOI) and Friedman Memorial Airport (SUN) in Hailey.

"Idaho has a fast-growing and dynamic economy. We also have a fast-growing population, driven by people moving to the Gem State. With growth in air traffic expected to mirror the increase in population, we have a need for more dedicated officers at Idaho's Airports to ensure the security and safety of travelers," said TSA Federal Security Director for Idaho Andy Coose in a KTVB interview. "TSA offers a competitive salary and a job with excellent benefits. And, working at airports with a diverse group of people can be a great way to launch a long career in aviation and federal government service."

It looks like America is travelling again and this is your chance to be a TSA officer. The Boise airport is currently looking to fill part-time positions, get all the details here. 

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