So here we are at the tail end of January and even though they claim that we've had a mild winter, I'm over it! I feel like we're experiencing more gray and gloomy days than sunny ones. It's interesting how after a while the lack of sunshine gets to you, maybe I'm sensitive because this is my first winter back in Boise or because for the last seven years I've been in Arizona where the suns shines 300 days out of the year. We can sit here and whine or we can do something about it, so we at Kiss FM decided to do something about it. We planned a weekend getaway for you.

The East coast is not the most appealing place in the winter but Boise to Boston in July doesn't suck, not even a little bit. Why Boston? Well we figured that if we we're gonna get your mind away from the cold we would throw in some entertainment and Harry Styles just happens to be doing a concert in Boston on the 10th of July. Allow me to break it down, You, you're man or your bestie in Boston for the weekend. Free airfare for two, free hotel, free tickets to see Harry and five hundred dollars in spending cash. Picture yourself on a river tour of the city, then visiting all the historical sites and wrapping up the day with dinner at one of the many famous Boston restaurants. Oh then the next day you do it all over and add a concert.

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