Summer is here in the Treasure Valley, that means we can really start to enjoy the outdoor benefits and activities the Boise foothills have to offer. We don't really think about the worst things that could happen until they actually happen. Luckily, the Boise Fire Department Foothills Response Team does and they just got a new tool that may help the respond faster while leaving less of a carbon footprint.

Whether you’re taking the trails by bike or foot, accidents do happen. And thanks to a new electric motorcycle, Boise firefighters say their search and rescue efforts just got more efficient.
The electric motorcycle is the newest addition to the Boise Fire Department's foothills response fleet. And you may notice that it's relatively quiet.

The Department does already have one non-electric motocycle in use but the electric motorcycle offers some more benefits including a reduced carbon footprint and access to trails that other rescue vehicles in the fleet cant.

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