I'm never getting anything done again.  Someone put 2,400 MS-DOS video games that you can play on your browser up on the Internet Archive.  That means in my late 20s NOW might be the time to finally beat Oregon Trail!

I mean let's go back to elementary school real quick.  You loaded up your wagon.  Put your all your best friends on the party list.  Headed west.  Hunted buffalo.  Weathered storms.  And then?  Your food supply spoiled.  You broke an axle on your wagon.  Katie died of diphtheria.  If only we had a do over, right?  Well now Oregon Trail and 2,400 of your other favorite old school video games are back for you to play right at your desk!

An evil genius at the Internet Archive uploaded the mostly fully functional games over the last few days.  Have an old school video game you're DYING to get a second crack at?  Click HERE to see the full list and start playing.

Here's 3 I can't wait to play again:

Oregon Trail

Papyrus Indy Car Racing

Uh...this is where my love of racing games began. And this is why I am indestructible when it comes to Mario Kart 64!

Fisher Price Fire Rescue

Don't laugh. I loved this game. And I loved the one where you a bus driver too. Their bowling rocked as well. God, I'm regressing.

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