One of the biggest failures of my entire life happened in my fourth grade Idaho history class.  We had to design a game that had to do guess it: Idaho.

Of course, I've got all of about zero skills when it comes to "crafty" things and leave it to me to try and re-invent the wheel when it comes to board games. I literally remember being stressed in the fourth grade because I didn't even understand the game I made. It looked horrible. Yikes.

The professional game people however, have created one that looks good and probably makes a whole lot more sense.

With references to all things Idaho such as "fry sauce" (as a local, I had no  idea that was even an Idaho thing) to the Salmon River and more-- everything about this Idaho rendition of Monopoly revolved around our great state.

Appropriately titled, "Idaho-opoly", the game is for purchase at a few Wal-Mart stores-- the closest to the Treasure Valley being in Mountain Home.

Want to buy a copy for yourself without driving that far? You can by calling the game makers at 1-800-422-3434

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