I once had both of my ears pierced and my belly button(tmi?).  I'm not opposed to piercing parts of your body. In fact, it can be really hot on some people, kind of like tats.  But this new trend, literally has me shook.  It's a body modification, that I just can't get on-board with.  So what is it?  Getting the inside of your ears removed.

From the story in the Daily Mail UK an Australian Man has had the body modification done by body modification artist Chai Maibert in Stockholm.

It's called "conch removal", because they are literally removing the concha, the central part of the outter ear.

Check out the photo, which was posted by the body modification artist on his social media.

ears 2

(photo from @chaiatcalm instragram)

@charlesvbentley who had the modification done, traveled from Australia to Stockholm and is in for some hearing issues.  It will take several weeks for his ears to heal.  Although it doesn't make you deaf, it can "alter" your hearing, with the body mod artist claiming it can "improve" your hearing from behind.

I like to keep an open mind, but this just freaks me out.  Are you down with the "concha"?  Take our poll and let me know.



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