Unless you're one of those people--if we asked you what there is to hate about Idaho, you would be hard pressed to think of anything! Here in Idaho, we have it pretty great. Activities for just about anyone, an In-N-Out (finally), and four very distinct and beautiful seasons.

About those seasons, though...

Sometimes, they aren't that great. A recent study conducted by Forbes Health has uncovered which states are most impacted by winter blues. Idaho didn't do too well...Shocker!

Here is a closer look at the study's recent findings-- Idaho isn't looking too great!

Idaho Stacks Up As One Of The Worst Winter States

If you love winter--than you're good to go! Need some sun? You may be a little depressed...

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Do you find yourself in a strange mood during the winter? 

Seasonal depression really is a real thing--and for many, you may not even know that you're experiencing it until you get a taste of sun and warmth and it feels like you have an entirely new take on life.

Other findings from the study have suggested that Idaho (yes, our beloved home), ranks in the top 10 for high rates of anxiety, depression, and symptoms of depression each winter. Ironically enough, we also get the least amount of daylight hours per day in the winter--coming in at just 10 and a half hours.

Feeling down this winter? January is a ridiculously long month, the skies aren't particularly blue, and we're all wanting at least a little bit of warmth. Just hang in there--summer isn't too far away. Then, we can complain about the heat!

Impatient? Book that flight to Arizona already.

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