A new neighbor is trying to keep traffic from visiting JoAnn's Iris Garden that has hosted photo shoots, small picnics and has even provided flowers to brides for over 20 years. Can we save this sacred place?

I actually know JoAnn personally. All anyone talks about when her name comes up is her gorgeous garden. She never charges anyone to come to her garden and has been growing the beautiful irises for over 20 years - mainly in Eagle.

If there's one thing I can say about JoAnn, it's that she's generous. I'm always being offered vegetables from her garden, the door is always open to swim in her pool and my friends and family got all sappy over her wedding stories where her dogs were actually part of the ceremony because they didn't want to be without mom.

When you move into a neighborhood, you take a look around, right? You talk to the realtors and ask about the area. You even take one more step toward meeting your potential neighbors to see what they are like. After all, this is a big purchase - especially in this particular area.

These new neighbors are trying to keep us from driving down that road to the garden that has been grown for us and grown for JoAnn's family. Where will we park? Outside the new neighbors' house?

I share because I care.

If you can't see the above donation image, click HERE to visit JoAnn's GoFundMe page to cover legal cost in order to keep this road open to you, me and everyone wanting to visit.

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