Well, that's a news flash! Traveling makes you happier than getting married? There is a new report that just came out and I could argue both sides of this outcome. Booking.com finds that people who travel are happier than couples getting married.

That means you can decide to get a marriage license or passport. One comes with much less commitment 😂

Booking.com found that people are more excited when traveling and enthusiastic when booking. This all makes sense right? I mean how can you even compare getting excited for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico versus walking down the aisle? It's understandable but just doesn't make sense really. When was the last time someone divorced their vacation time?

I love the headline from booking.com, Forget your wedding day or even having a baby, travel is the secret to true happiness. Peep these stats.

  • 77% of people book a trip to cheer them up.
  • 70% of people have the best time on a trip when they can make themselves at home in their accommodation.
  • 2 out of 3 people find happiness staying in a hotel, hostel or villa.

This research was compiled in 17 different countries to over 17,000 people.

In a world where every dollar and hour count, travellers are looking for a higher return than ever on their investment of time and money. Why take time and pay money to be more stressed and less happy?"

So, Kat Fisher (my co-host) now has an excuse for being single ✅This is the ultimate comeback to people pressuring you to forever finalizing the guy you date. You can always trade that guy in for Mickey!

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