Sometimes it can be hard to meet new people when you move to a new place. Boise, Idaho is notorious for being one of the nicest and most welcoming communities in the country. Anyone who moves here instantly feels right at home thanks to the lovely community. While it’s not hard to meet nice people, making bonds can be harder than it may seem.

The idea of speed dating has always been used as a way to see who you could connect with quickly and possibly spark up a new relationship. You may have heard of, been interested in, or even done speed dating, but have you ever heard of speed friending? It seems to be exactly what it sounds like, a way to speed date but make friends!

This event is being held on November 18th at the Linen Building in Downtown Boise by The Backyard Artists and No New Vintage Market, a local market that features vintage, jewelry, textiles, & experiences for Boise.

As long as you're 18+ and feeling social you should save the date in your calendar as there’s going to be art, a food truck, and endless good times. Speed friending is happening from 7-9 pm and is for everyone who wants to make in their words: friends, lovers, or foes.

This event is perfect for anyone and everyone who just wants to get out there and meet new people, no matter what the circumstances of that may be. The best part is, it’s free! All you have to do is be there and you’re guaranteed to leave with a smile and a new friend.

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