Orange was everywhere yesterday as flocks of Boise State fans made their way into Albertsons Stadium and the massive tailgate party in the parking lot. The football energy was in the air (and by the way, a huge shout out to everyone that came by our pre-game party at Naked Fins) as Portland State came into town to try and get a win on the Blue.

The scoreboard may not show it, but the game for a large chunk of time was a bit of a struggle. Portland State made the first strike with a field goal and it seemed that, on par with the rest of the games this season thus far, Boise State struggled getting into their groove early on. A massive 98-yard kick off return certainly get some energy back into the Boise State team and by the end of it all, the Broncos pulled away healthily.

After last weeks rankings and bowl projections (one of which says Boise State could be playing Notre Dame in a major bowl game...whoa), the Broncos, this week, are only seeing MORE growth. A few losses ahead of where Boise State was made some space for the Broncos and now, they've made it to #20 in the AP Rankings.

In order to crack into a major bowl game, Boise State needs to be the top ranked non-power 5 team-- right now, we still trail #15, University of Central Florida.

To see the complete rankings for yourself, click HERE.

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