It seems so cliche but what better time to start fresh and really take a look at where you are in life. Is there something you resolved to improve? What about change? I had a few things. 

I had been thinking about starting the new year and then just unloaded on Facebook. My poor Facebook friends. I'm so grateful they stick around after my posts like this.

Having a birthday so close to the start of a new year is such a gift. My little girl self didn't seem to think so but now I see it differently. This gives me a chance to reflect and truly start a new year of life. This year provides me an opportunity to grow as an individual and as a mom. I will, unapologetically, choose family and close friends first. They are my constant and they have my heart. With them, I can make it through anything feeling stronger and more confident. Quality of life is my focus. Being me and not trying to be anyone else is what I strive for. This year I will use my backbone and not always make moves to please others. I will make the best life I can for my little boy and shower this world with goodness. Living for others and worrying what people think doesn't make for a truly happy life. Being a good person and spreading positivity is what happiness is all about. Every day isn't perfect and that's okay. Sharing experiences, living without judgement and always keeping important people close - that's what life is all about. Cheers to the best year of my life.

I basically took my body and turned it inside out sharing all of me. What do you have on your mind as we celebrate the new year?

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