Directioners around the world were left stunned when Simon Cowell recently revealed that One Direction may be done after their next two albums -- but now Niall Horan is speaking out about the band's future on his own terms.

Here's how it all went down: Last week, Cowell spoke to British newspaper the Daily Star about the group's future, saying ominously, "Bands don't stay together forever. I think they will make at least two more albums together and they are in the middle of one right now." (Quote via CTV News.) Cowell went on to say that he was sure that "eventually" all of the guys would embark on their own solo careers.

But not so fast, says Niall Horan.

"He was clearly misquoted or something," the blonde cutie told the Irish Sun (quote via the Irish Mirror). "We're going to go as long as we can go, as long as people want us we will be here. None of that rumors business."

And as for embarking on a solo career, Horan says the thought isn't on his mind right now -- he's just living in the moment, as part of 1D.

"I don't want to think about that at the minute. I'm still here, still with the band," he revealed. "I don't need to think about it at all -- I'm having a great time here, touring and having the craic [fun] with the lads -- we are all still having a great time."

Still, fans have been noticing that the guys may just be burnt out, even trending the hashtag #stopoverworkingourboys on Twitter today (Aug. 26). The band's upcoming album will be their fourth in four years, and they have been touring worldwide almost non-stop for years.

Directioners, would you like to see One Direction take it easy for a while? Do you think the band will break up soon?

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