Boise State fans are feeling a little better about things today (or they should be, at least) after that win in Reno against the University of Nevada. Those of us who have been fans for a while may recall--that field hasn't always been kind to Boise State. It's still too soon to talk about the loss by a missed field goal, when the Broncos were ranked #4 in the country and considered a National Championship contender. But, I digress. Last nights game turned out just fine--though a little closer than most were hoping for.

With a win chalked up, I though this morning when the new rankings were released, we'd see SOME sort of love in the polls. No, I wouldn't expect to be ranked by any means--but often times, Boise State can be found under the column for those who just missed the cut. Today? Nope--no mention of the boys in blue.

Are things looking tough for the rest of the season? Kind of. UCF remains undefeated, USF as well--both far ahead of Boise State in the non-power 5 rankings. Do I think hopes for a major bowl game are over? Unfortunately, I think they are.

So, here we are in week 8 and Boise State isn't even mentioned in any of the polls. San Diego State and Fresno State however? They're mentioned. Maybe this just isn't Boise State's year.

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