I've been doing radio for a long time dating back to my last few years in the United States Navy. Yes, I was a radio personality onboard the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln for a few years. It didn't start out that way but so much for a later time!

This Christmas I came across an email from our sales department and this headline, Christmas is on Us. I did some digging and found another resource giving back this Christmas to locals families in need.

A & Z Construction has been doing a program for the last five years that gives back to local Treasure Valley families. I was reading up on this and that's when it hit me, I know this guy. I ran into Alex (owner of A & Z) during the Susan G. Komen run last year and had a great conversation. Since then we've been working together on several projects in our cluster of radio stations. Alex just wants to give people the gift of Christmas this December.

I'd like you to think of someone in your neighborhood, apartment complex or specific family that is struggling. Send us a message on why they deserve help this holiday. That's it. I know that times aren't great for everyone and there's always someone else that has it worse. Please take note and think of someone. You don't always see local businesses advertise their message on the radio to help bring Christmas to people they don't even know. Alex is basically spending money to help raise money, gifts and whatever the family needs. That's the Idahoan way!

Alex, his family, co-workers, and our team get excited when they can give someone a beautiful opportunity like this. Don't worry about your family name or message going out over the radio. This isn't a promotion. A&Z Construction's team is just trying to help and needs your assistance to find the right families.

I'll place a link below if there is someone you want to nominate or include yourself. Don't feel like you can't ask and always remember that you're not alone. Most of us are just a few paychecks away from being homeless. Take a moment and if you ever need anything from Alex's construction company, call him. I love these local stories and that's why it's important we support them. Very proud of these people 🙏


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