This is the exact reason why I've installed web cameras around my house. So many of my friends have made fun of me because Boise is so "safe".

I realize that our city is safer than most but nobody is immune to crime and when someone needs something you could be a target. We just don't have expensive things but even your bikes aren't safe as you will see. A woman needs your help finding porch pirates.

I watched this video on KTVB and people have no shame. These two guys walking right under the cameras, grab some bikes, few pieces of lawn equipment and head home. This just goes to show that people really don't care. This was my father's biggest frustration and it's mine too, thieves. People work so hard for the things that they have and someone else just comes along and steals it.

A few months ago my wife left or someone took her iPhone out of a shopping cart. She called me in a panic because of all the lost family photos. I tracked the phone, called the police and waiting outside their house till authorities arrived. I got my phone back and nothing was lost.

Michelle Moore put up these cameras to protect her from thieves and now we have video and photos. Have you seen these two men? Know something? If you have any information just call Boise Police at (208) 570-6000   

That's a shot from KTVB's Twitter feed as you can see them right under the cameras.

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