Touching down in Boise today? A couple hundred Australian firefighters.

Calm it down, ladies--these guys are about to get thrown right to work on some of the many forest fires happening across northern California, Idaho and Oregon.

In a system that I had no idea existed, this pretty cool concept shows how serious summer forest fires can be and just how much man power it takes to keep people, homes, property, and even animals safe.

Today Boise was receptive to 160 firefighters from New Zealand and Australia all of whom has experience fighting fires similar to what our crews here locally and regionally are fighting right now. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, the landscapes and climates for these fire fighters back home is very similar to the terrain here in the western Uniter States, making their help even more beneficial. Beginning today, these crews will start training so they're on the same level as our crews here in Idaho so that they can soon be sent off to assist on the ground.

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