Last week was interesting, Chad Ochocinco of NFL fame started tweeting about coming to Idaho. By Friday we we're getting reports of Ochocinco sightings all over Boise. His Twitter was Litty! and since he wasn't shy about his location Mateo and ran into him at Papa Joe's across the street from BSU. To say that he was a super nice guy is an understatement, we had a great conversation and watched him tip the waiter $500 on a $51 bill. When we asked him what he was doing in town he told us he couldn't reveal the reason for his Idaho visit but  that the world would soon know. He did give us a hint... "I have one football connection to Idaho, if you can figure that out then you will know why I'm here"

Now we know why Chad Ochocinco came to Idaho. All of a sudden his hint makes sense. Chad Ochocinco played for the Bengals and along with Carson Palmer who was the quarterback and now lives in Idaho. Chad was in Idaho to film a segment in which him and Carson breakdown their old team the Bengals. As you will be able to tell from the Instagram video below these two have great chemistry, love and respect for each other. Don't miss the episode filmed in Idaho this Wednesday 9pm ET on @epix.

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