This Hatchimal sits on my son's bathroom counter not without drama getting him out of the egg. Several hours after we opened this animal-thing, he still hadn't hatched. 

We opened the box which activated the egg starting the hatching process.

The Hatchimal

The egg looked like this for over ah hour. We just heard this motor sound inside the egg assuming the Hatchimal was growing enough to peck the egg open. Nope.

One hour later...

Hatchimal not hatched

The eyes were lighting up indicating the hatching was near. Still no hatching but the motor sounds continued.

We loved the egg so much and kept passing it around to each other starting a love competition. Who would love it more in order to make it hatch?

Clearly I was losing.

Somewhere during this time, Janice, my fiancee, poked through the egg to give Colton some sort of hope there was life inside this speckled covering.

Nothing more happened.

My mom decided to give it a shot. She wrapped the Hatchimal egg in a blanket. She thought she had the magic touch.

Mom holding Hatchimal

Still no hatching.

Mom didn't have it. Colton, the Hatchimal's father thought he had it.

Colton and Hatchimal

Colton just stared at it and rubbed the bottom of the egg.

Hour 2... no hatching.

Then my mom jabbed her fingers in the side of the egg.

Come to find out, our Hatchimal wasn't going to Hatch at all - it was stuck inside the egg.

After poking the egg and literally peeling the pieces away from the small blue creature, we saw the glow of the eyes again and it started talking.

Colton named him Dale.

Now we hear that Hatchimals are swearing through the night.

I have turned ours into the off position. My son thinks he's sleeping. Still.

So...did you get a Hatchimal for Christmas?


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