This isn't one of those stories of someone winning a prize and reselling it online or wrapping it for under their tree - Cori is doing so much more with this Hatchimal. 

We wouldn't blame anyone for taking the most popular toy of the Christmas season, wrapping it up and anticipating the look on their child's face when the little one realizes that they got a Hatchimal for Christmas. Nope, no blame. It's what we do as parents.

However, this story is such a feel-good story.

On Wednesday, we offered bonus clues to anyone who invited us to come visit them. Cori immediately called and asked us to visit them at Washington Federal Credit Union. It was our first stop. The bonus clue was us looking at their letter and marking off three incorrect blanks. Cori called over and over again attempting to get the Letter to Santa correct.

Hatchimal winner Cory

It finally happened with Mateo at Night. Cori read us this letter:

complete letter


She got it all right. Here are the clues she used to figure it out.

We will deliver the Hatchimal to Cori today who is adopting a family for Christmas and will be including the coveted toy in the gifts these kids will wake up to on Christmas morning. We can't wait!

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