I've been watching the Broadway bridge project and really questioning whether or not it will be done by the start of school at Boise State. It's kind of a game. When I heard there was more construction on Broadway, I wasn't sure how I felt. Until now. I feel pretty good about it and I think you will too. 


The Albertsons on Broadway and Beacon - you know, the one-level strip mall one - it's being completely redone and rotated.

As reported by Don Day, the renovations will begin shortly. Demolition will take place after renovations have begun. Bottom line: They aren't leveling it and rebuilding.

Take a look at the photo above. THAT'S what the new Albertsons will look like. It' won't be facing Beacon anymore, either. They are rotating the entire store to have the entrance face Broadway

Thanks to our friend of ours, we have the plans for what the new store will look like.







I do have a question. This is for anyone who knows the answer. What's happening with the businesses around the existing Albertsons?