Boise State is sending a record number of athletes to the Summer Olympics beginning this week and Boise's golden girl Kristin Armstrong is back for her fourth games.  But what are the athlete's most concerned about?

Zika? Unfinished venues and apartments? Toxic water?

Nope! Several athletes, including British canoer Joe Clarke and French canoer, Matthieu Peche are crushed that they've arrived in the Olympic Village but Pikachu and friends have not.  Pokemon Go is not available in Brazil yet.

Athletes that downloaded the game in one of the 30 countries that have Pokemon Go are able to open the app in Rio, but the map clearly shows no Pokestops, Gyms or nearby Pokemon. Rio's mayor hopes that Niantic, the creators of the game, see his plea to release the game before the Olympics get underway on Friday.  He posted a message in Portuguese on his Facebook page telling them that everybody is coming to Rio, so they should too and added a hashtag that translates to "Pokemon Go in Brazil" at the end of the post.

Team Idaho Tweets

The Olympians from Idaho and Boise State, aren't among those sadden by Pokemon Go not being in Brazil.  Here's what they're tweeting about as they prepare for the Parade of Nations.


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