We know the Treasure Valley loves Pokemon Go after Meridian and Nampa hosted Pokemon Go themed events that produced huge turnouts.  How would you feel if you could never play the game again?

Niantic Labs, the creator of Pokemon Go, has fine tuned it's anti-cheating system and is now banning players who cheat the system for life.  How can you get banned?

Some users have found a way to trick their GPS into thinking they're in a different country by using bots.  GPS spoofing is at the top of the list of things that can get your Pokemon Go account shut down.  They also list using unofficial/modified software and emulators as other reasons for a lifetime ban from the game.

So, while spinning your phone around on a ceiling fan to try and hatch your eggs might seem a little bit like cheating, it won't get you banned from the game for now.  If you do find your account on the ban list, you may submit an appeal through this form. 

Don't think Pokemon Go is THAT popular in the Treasure Valley? Think again! Check out these photos of the huge turnout for Pokemon Go night at Kleiner Park!

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