I wandered down to the river near our office to take a little break from work on the Fourth of July this past week and didn't see nearly as many floaters as I expected. With the long weekend here, weather in perfect condition, and a holiday at that, I though for SURE I would see more tubes. Apparently, people were saving their floating for the weekend.

The river officially opened for floating on Tuesday of last week, July 2nd. The buzz was real and even I got excited knowing it's open. Throwback to just two summers ago now when we only had a month tops to get out and float because of how intense our winter prior was. This said, according to Idaho's News Channel 7 and local authorities, rescues have been far too common this weekend.

Just last night, as you may have seen on our Instagram story, I was walking back to my car after a night downtown and someone had climbed a building and gotten stuck-- Boise Fire was on their way with a ladder truck to save them. Crazy, yeah?

This wasn't Boise Fire Department's only rescue this weekend, as there were 11 calls from the river this weekend, too. Two calls were potential near-drownings. The dive team really came to the rescue in a big way.

Punctured tubes was a popular sight, according to authorities and it's important to use rafts or floats MEANT to go down a river. Not a crocodile inflated from the front of a grocery store for $10. Have a life vest, have good footwear, and make sure you're prepared because accidents happen.

Safe and happy floating!

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