It's all over the internet whether you want to see it or not: Drake has beef with a bunch of rappers and they're all dissing each other. Perhaps taking center-stage the most is the banter between Drake and Kendrick Lamar--both of whom have released diss tracks about one another back and forth. The jabs are savage.

If you didn't know, there is a bit of an Idaho, Washington, and Pacific Northwest tie to all of it and the internet is entertained, to say the least.

Here's a look at the Spokane connection--and the beef that is going on between Drake and Kendrick Lamar!

Drake, Kendrick Lamar...and WHO?

Yeah--there really is a connection and basketball fans are eating it up

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Do you remember or know of John Stockton--the NBA Hall of Fame player!?

It isn't common for this region of the United States to have a tie to something like this--so we're kind of loving it. Stockton has a footprint in Idaho, where much of his family lives and where he now resides, in Priest Lake. Of course, his roots are in Spokane, Washington where he was raised and played for Gonzaga University. Then there's Utah--where he dominated the NBA for the Jazz.

Could Stockton have an opinion on all of the rap beef going on? Probably not.

Does he have any idea he's involved in the lyrics? To be honest...probably not!

It's no shocker--celebrities love the State of Idaho, with so many resorts and 'escapes' just minutes from Spokane! Here, they're able to get 'away from it all' and spend time without swarms of cameras in their face. Here's a closer look at some of the celebrities you can see in and around Idaho. 

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