When you think of "bad words", curse words, or explicatives--odds are that most people would say the same five to seven words.  While we will spare you from the vulgarity of these, we totally trust that you're thinking of the same ones that we're thinking of.

It happens.

Unique to Idaho, particularly the Treasure Valley, however, is one word that is cursed for weeks if not months every single year. To many, the word may mean nothing--they may not even know what it is! To us here in the Treasure Valley, it's simply dreaded.

This word is nine letters long and you might cringe when we say it.


People here in the Treasure Valley have a lot to say about the inversion-- like this guy on Twitter who says it is one of the only bad things about the are!

Of course, "Craig on Twitter" isn't alone-- in fact many people highly recommend getting OUT of Boise, even if that means just getting ABOVE the inversion. Some go so far as to call it an "escape"


If you're unfamiliar, an "Inversion" is a weather term-- it's when an air mass above us in Boise get's flipped upside down, or, "inverted" and temperatures get warmer as you get higher in elevation-- not the conventional opposite. These inversions lead to fog, pollution build up, and low visibility. In Boise, we can go weeks without seeing the sun during an inversion.

So what's a Boise resident to do as we celebrate a LIFTED inversion today? Get outside and get some sun!

We're just glad it wasn't as bad as 2017! 

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