I feel like this blog needs to start off with a spoiler warning. So here it goes.

Warning Lucky The Dj is very frustrated with Idaho lawmakers tonight. No, not just frustrated but disappointed, angry, disgusted, appalled as well. I understand the topic of gun control is a sensitive topic. I know people feel passionate on both sides of the issue. The following does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Townsquare Media. The following is just how I feel, a 30- something year old father that lives in Boise Idaho. And with all that out of the way...

What the fauq are our lawmakers thinking? What's seriously going on here? Keeping guns out of the hands of domestic violence criminals is common sense. There's no debate; there's no "other side of the issue." If a person can't control their temper enough not to "lay hands" they damn sure don't need a gun, at least for 365 days.

This wasn't even a partisan issue The Statesman reports:

Idaho’s House on Tuesday rejected a proposal that would have prevented convicted domestic abusers from owning guns.

Twenty Republican members – seven of whom are retiring from the Legislature – joined the House’s 11 Democratic members in support.

The most jaw-dropping part of this story is the "reasoning" that came from Rep. Bryan Zollinger. “Statistics show if people want to have access to a gun, they will, but there’s just no way to enforce it.”

So with the "if people want it they'll just get it" and "there's nothing we can do to prevent it" approach to lawmaking can we expect marijuana to be legalized? After all, if people want access to it, they'll just get it.

Today, Idaho lawmakers failed families. They failed children. They failed us.

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