Sometimes there are crazy ideas among friends that never see the light of day--and sometimes, those crazy ideas get carried out to their fullest potential. One 'crazy idea' here in Idaho seems to keep getting more traction, although most know the odds of it coming to life are next to none.

Perhaps you've heard of it--"The Greater Idaho Movement"--which proposes that Idaho expands and takes from Oregon a long list of cities and areas in Eastern Oregon. All of this is based off of the political beliefs and affiliations of organizers who say that Eastern Oregon residents wish to be a part of Idaho's "conservative way of life".

Some people have some strong opinions on this, as you can imagine: 

Reddit Users Respond To The Greater Idaho Movement

There was a question posted on Reddit that asked "Do you Want Oregon part of Idaho?" and these are their answers.

What do you think about the expansion? 

While there is ACTUAL legislation passed by the Idaho House of Representatives surrounding this, it doesn't do much. All that the legislation calls for is a conversation with Oregon--we don't even know if Oregon wants to talk!

Could this be a waste of Idaho's taxpayer money?

According to an article in Willamette Week, United States Representative from Oregon, Earl Blumenauer, said he's down to chat with Idaho. It did feel rather sarcastic, though.

"I would entertain a trade for Boise and Sun Valley", Blumenauer said.

Those are the best places!?

Do you remember when The Daily Show portrayed what a 'Greater Idaho' might look like? 

Check out the players in the Daily Show's Portrayal Of Greater Idaho

The cast of characters that want a more Conservative life than living with the liberal in Oregon.

A man in Boise was once offering random people in the street some weed. Does this happen in Oregon?

Boise Residents React to Masked Man Offering Weed

What do people think about the weeds in Boise? According to this video footage, most have no interest in it.

Dispensaries You Can Find in Ontario, Oregon

The State of Oregon has legalized marijuana for some time now. Dispensaries continue to pop up across the state although the "joke" or "reality", whichever you want to embrace, really points to the fact that Ontario seems to serve a lot of Idahoans.
Here are just some of the places you can legally purchase marijuana in Ontario.


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