When it comes to marijuana sales, Idahoans know nothing about it.

Or do they?

As more dispensaries open up in Ontario, Oregon-- a city of only 11,000 residents, we begin to wonder who is purchasing so much marijuana in Ontario? Ask any business owners and they will all tell you the same thing: a whole lot of Idahoans.

Recently, an Ontario dispensary was named TOP in the entire State of Oregon? Who was it? Well, before the big reveal, here are just some of the options in town: 

Dispensaries You Can Find in Ontario, Oregon

The State of Oregon has legalized marijuana for some time now. Dispensaries continue to pop up across the state although the "joke" or "reality", whichever you want to embrace, really points to the fact that Ontario seems to serve a lot of Idahoans.
Here are just some of the places you can legally purchase marijuana in Ontario.

Alight, but really, which of these is the BEST in Oregon? 

According to a recent study, there are well over 660 marijuana dispensaries in the ENTIRE State of Oregon. In Ontario, however, business is booming in terms of "per capita" sales with $100 million recorded for the past year. That's pretty amazing.

The rankings have been released by Leafly, a website focused on marijuana use and education. According to the platform, over 120 million users visit the site annually, including 10 million monthly users.

In other words, Leafly is a big deal.

In an article published by Leafly, the best dispensaries in the State of Oregon were ranked by their ratings. A total of twenty were listed. Only TWO locations were in Eastern Oregon outside of the "Portland bubble".

Only ONE location had a full 5 Star Rating-- making them the BEST in Oregon.

The results are in and it's Treasure Valley Cannabis Company-- Oregon's best!

According to Leafly, TVCC has a 5-star rating based off of nearly 2,000 reviews. That's an impressive batting average.

What could Idaho do with $100 Million in marijuana sales? Here are some ideas: 

These 5 Things Could be Funded by Idaho with 100 Million Dollars

While Idaho remains anti-marijuana, a small city just to the West of the Treasure Valley is home to a $100 million added income because of the forbidden plant. While we aren't advocating for marijuana use, more and more states are legalizing the usage of this organic plant and local governments are making a LOT of revenue that otherwise, they would never see. What could Idaho do with some additional funds? Well, here are some ideas.

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