Tino Cochino Radio is doing big things! It's always great to see your friends and people in general who work hard get rewarded for doing so. Tino has been doing the night show on KISS-FM for about a year since the other station let him and his entire show go. He had number one ratings across the street and it hasn't taken him long to elevate the ratings to number one on KISS-FM. His success is a testament to the hard work he puts forth and now that hard work has opened another door. Tino creates over 350 videos per year for social media and now he will take that same creative energy and use it to host a new talk show for Complex on Twitch. Don't panic, Tino and the TCR crew will continue to do the night show on KISS-FM. Check out the official press release below.

"Twitch is expanding its lineup of original interactive television programming with a partnership with media company Complex Networks that begin airing next week.

Three new interactive shows from Complex will join Twitch beginning this month. The first is a talk show called “The Daily Drift,” hosted by Tino Cochino (Wednesday/Friday) and Hannah Rad (Tuesday/Thursday) which will air in the afternoons and catch viewers up on pop culture news they missed during their school day. The show will allow users to decide what topics or trends to cover by chiming in via the live Twitch chat.

The first episode of “The Daily Drift” premieres Oct. 27 and episodes will air Tuesdays through Fridays beginning at 3 p.m. eastern time."


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