I love Idaho. In addition to it being an outdoorsmen's paradise one can dust their hiking or hunting boots off and experience some urban living in downtown Boise. The amount of people that are moving downtown lately is out of hand and that's why you see so many new buildings going up for residential purposes. One thing missing downtown is open space where people can gather for outdoor activities and now that has been addressed. A new park is being built next to the new 9 story building that is currently going up at 11th & Bannock.

“We really view this as a new spot in downtown for residents, city workers and tourists alike to all comedown and enjoy community gatherings and even just outdoor lunches,” In an interview with ktvb Woodruff who is the Assistant Development Director for Capital City Development Corporation, said. “It’s really important that we make public investments that help address the growth challenges that the Treasure Valley are facing. Right now the demand for housing is so high in the Boise area that making investments like this in open space that really provide amenities for the residents we are seeing moving downtown to the new apartments that are being built.”

The park is supposed to be a little under a half-acre. The part I'm so excited about is the grass-event lawn that includes a stage area. With the announcement of a COVID -19 vaccine being 90 percent effective and the possibility of Idaho being first to get it, One has to wonder if that opens up the outdoor concert scene and with this being a new venue would this be the new place for concerts? The place will have outdoor seating plus a cool a 23-foot-tall gentle breeze tree structure for shade and a little breeze.

Can you say outdoor concerts downtown? I think it's a great idea however, the project will not be completed till 2021 so we will have to wait and see.




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