Many may be surprised to learn that there’s an International Yoga Day, because yogis everywhere believe that everyday should be a yoga day.

But it is in fact today, and this year it falls on the first day of summer, no less! 

So grab your mats and get ready – not only are we going to delve into the history and benefits of doing yoga, but also where locals can find some fun classes to attend outside this summer in the Boise area.



A brief history

The practice of yoga has been around for thousands and thousands of years, and is believed to have been around since the dawning of civilization. 

It is even said to have been in the oldest sacred texts

For many years, it has been a way for people to exercise and remain physically active, but also as a way to connect to their minds, spirits and bodies on a much deeper, meaningful level. 

This is why yoga and meditation tend to go hand-in-hand.


Why do yoga?

As described above, yoga holds many benefits, for the mind, body and soul. 

Leah VanBlaricom, a local yoga instructor at Authentic Yoga, explains that she initially started practicing yoga as a means to tone her body and lose weight.

However, it was the mental benefits that kept bringing her back, and that is what eventually urged her to become an instructor herself  to help others experience a practice that has transformed her life.


Outdoor classes

There are a few outdoor yoga classes being held all summer long that are available to locals:


  • Free Yoga at Bogus Basin 

We discussed just last week how Bogus Basin will be holding free live music, concerts and yoga classes all summer long.

Facebook/Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area
Facebook/Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area


  • Yoga in the Park ~ Silent Disco

Hosted by Kaleidisco, this summer series incorporates yoga with silent disco.

It runs from June 7 - August 30, and it is every Tuesday at 7:00pm at Camel’s Back Park in Boise.



  • Yoga After Five

This is a summer yoga series, held at the Cecil D Andrus Park in Boise. 

It is every Wednesday at 5:30pm, from June 1 - August 31. 

Facebook/True North Yoga
Facebook/True North Yoga

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