...and I was one of those people!

On Saturday, January 7th I was one of the over 400 crazy people that decided to face the blizzard and run in the Hot Cocoa Run at Reid Merrill Park in Eagle. Did I know it was going to be cold? Sure did.  Did I know it was supposed to start snowing in the middle of my 10K? You bet I did. Was I backing down from a challenge? Hell no! There was a guaranteed medal, hot cocoa mug and free cookies waiting for me at the finish line! (The cocoa, medal and mug were incentives you get just for signing up for the Final Kick Events race!)

If I said this race was easy, I'd be lying! The first two miles of the course sent runners through a single track path of about four inches of un-plowed snow.  It was just as difficult as running on the sand dunes at the Bruneau Beast outside of Mountain Home! I'll say this, thanks to whoever ticked off Elsa, Hot Cocoa Run provided me with the most unique finishing photo that I've had in the sixteen years I've been running and racing! Find me wearing a green Team Run Boise tank and black shirt in the gallery below!

Want to score your own, custom medal? Final Kick Events next race is Run 4 Luv on Saturday, February 11th and we have your chance to win a pair of entries for FREE! Just make sure you're a Friend with Benefits and click the button below!

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