We do it every summer and this year is no exception. We're packing our bags and heading to Jackpot, Nevada! Join us on Friday, August 9th!

If you've never been, Jackpot is this tiny "town" or, stretch of road, if you will, that you'll completely miss if you blink. That, however, is exactly what makes this little getaway so much fun-- you're away from your usual spots and we all just let loose! In fact, I've got some real fun videos and photos of friends and colleagues from my last party bus trip down that I have sworn I'll never release. YES, I'm that guy with the camera always ready. Yes, this trip is just one of THOSE trips.

Here are some of the details:

  • This party is hosted by all of us from 103.5 KISS FM
  • There will be pool side blackjack, drinks, cabanas, and food
  • There will be a live dj to keep the party going
  • Each package is for TWO people
  • Once the pool closes, the party moves inside of Cactus Pete's Resort + Casino

Joining us is super affordable, too. Just $110 gets you and your bestie a round trip down with us, an overnight stay, and food and match game vouchers. That's $55 a person-- can't go wrong with that!

Oh, I should probably mention...what happens in Jackpot, STAYS in Jackpot.

Buy your tickets now, HERE.

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