This would be the best thing in the entire world!

Before I moved to the Treasure Valley, one of my old jobs had paid me in a gift card.  A gift card worth several hundred dollars.  A gift card that I couldn't use in Idaho because at the time, we didn't have a Panera! I was heart broken and figured that I'd just save it for the reunion run my cross country teammates and I do every December in Ohio.  After all, we always end up at Panera for a giant cinnamon roll and hot chocolate after we run/walk a mile just to say we all still "run."

Then Panera opened in Nampa, Meridian and by the mall in Boise.  I was stoked, but it's still not a practical drive for me drive that far away from the office to get a broccoli cheddar soup and a bowl of macaroni in cheese for lunch, but if these plans go through!

According to our friend Don at BoiseDev, Gardner Co. wants to put a Panera location into the Pioneer Crossing project.  Not only will it have a drive thru, but it will also have an outdoor patio for patrons to enjoy. If the permit go thru and the design is approved by the City of Boise, it would join a hotel and six-story office building.

I to this day will continue to tell people that the absolute best macaroni and cheese I've ever ate is Panera! I really hope that this Panera is approved so I can grab it just minutes away from the office!

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