It was the crime that took the entire nation by storm: four University of Idaho students killed in the middle of the night--in the same home--by knife. The scene was gruesome and the entire community in Moscow continues to heal since these crimes were committed.

While a suspect is in custody--he remains innocent until proven guilty and the public continues to know very little information about the case.

Law enforcement officials, now praised for their work, didn't always have it so easy. While the suspect was at-large, online crime junkies and 'sleuths' were brutal--criticizing every move and aspect of the investigation and even going as far as calling out people, by name, as suspects.

Now, a major national streaming platform has announced that they'll be rolling out an investigative series taking a look at the crimes and the people who thought that they knew best.

Here is a brief look at what viewers can expect to see on Paramount Plus

Inside Paramount Plus' Idaho Series

Once again, Idaho will take center stage on National Television

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It seems that the series is more focused on the crime sleuths that couldn't control themselves online than the actual murders.

The feedback online is all over the map on this series.  Many who can't get enough of talking about the crime are ready for more "content"--a shame given the serious loss that this crime caused. Others fear it's too early. Some say that there is no reason to give these "TikTok People" more of a platform because their claims are not credible and never should have been entertained in the first place.

Time will tell how the series is received.

Expect '#CyberSleuths: The Idaho Murders' to hit Paramount Plus on February 6th, 2024.

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