A pair of car thieves allegedly got more than they were hoping for when they realized the vehicle they had just stolen had a baby strapped in the back seat. Apparently, the owner of the vehicle had left the car running and their baby strapped in the car as they ran into the store.
The incident happened at 7:30 p.m. Monday at a near the intersection of Emerald and Orchard streets. Police say the car's owner had left the car running and the infant strapped in the backseat outside a store when two men jumped in and drove off with it. The car stopped at Orchard Street, and one of the men - identified as 23-year-old Raymundo Gutierrez of Boise - got out with the child.
A few things here. Thankfully, one of the car thieves had enough sense to return the baby. Secondly, and this is just my opinion but who would actually leave their baby in a running car while they go into a store?  In fact, I'm going to go one deeper and remind you not to leave a child, infant, baby, toddler or anything that can breathe in your car alone under any circumstances. You know why? Well, there are lots of reasons as the people mentioned in the above story just found out. Please, DO NOT leave your kids in the car.

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