If you're a frustrated parent who wishes your teenager somehow knew the value of money keep reading. As you know kids can be expensive and they are not always the best at appreciating the things that your hard earned money provides for them, so here is your chance at a learning and earning opportunity. Put your teenager in the car and drive him or her to one of the following Mc Donald's locations for a drive up interview. It's not everyday you can get your child a $13 per hour job but today is that day. Can you imagine the joy that you will experience the first time your teen realizes that one must budget and that money just doesn't magically appear in their back account? From one parent to another... it's our job to teach our children to fish. Here are the official details from the McDonalds release:

"Local McDonald's owner-operators are seeking to hire 500 new team members to support more than 25 locations throughout Idaho’s Treasure Valley at a minimum starting wage of $13/hour. Restaurants throughout Southern Idaho look to hire 1,000+ team members. To help expedite the process for eager job seekers, the Treasure Valley McDonald’s will host a Drive-Up Hiring Day, offering candidates a new, convenient, and safe way to apply. On Wednesday, June 2, interested candidates can simply drive up to select McDonald’s locations and receive an interview opportunity on the spot; no prior scheduling is required."

Media location: : 7222 W. Overland Rd., Boise, ID

Additional Drive-Up Hiring Locations:

148 Caldwell Blvd., Nampa

1375 Broadway Ave., Boise

3100 E. Magic View Dr., Meridian


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