It's back by popular demand-- a party bus to Jackpot, Nevada!

If you have never joined one of these bus trips for a one night getaway before-- I feel like this time around you should try your best to join us. Work, life, can all be exhausting so I think you need to take a break and join.

The trip goes down on August 16th which is a Thursday night. The bus leaves at noon and we return the next afternoon. The big draw for this show? Thunder Down Under.

That's right ladies-- this is your chance for a ladies night get away to check out some good looking, dancing men.

Our good friend DJ Johnny Utah will be joining us to mix at the after party, too!

Tickets are $125 and that price covers you AND a friend! It gets you round trip bus fare, admission into Thunder Down Under, and a hotel room for two.

For our tickets, click HERE.

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